1. Library and Reading Room facilities for scholars and accrediated students.

    [Micro film reader available to study microfilm of archival documents.]

  2. Enquiry from scholars (from India and abroad) on objects of V.M. Collection.

  3. Restoration of Paintings etc. (including technical advice on conservation and planning) for collection kept in Government and Semi - Government as well as autonomous institutions

  4. Photographs (in colour and B&W) of objects in V.M. collection made available to Scholars on payment of Rs. 1,000.00 (Rupees One Thousand only) per image, plus Postage Charges (if applicable).

  5. Regular Guide Service for special groups of visitors on prior appointments.. For appointments e-mail us or call +91-33-2223-5142 (from outside India) or call 033-2223-5142 (from any where within India)