1. The statue of James Outram (Sculpture - John Henry Foley) was in the Maidan, opposite to the entrance to Park Street, from 1874 to 1958. The Government of West Bengal presented it to the Trustees of Victoria Memorial in 1960. It is installed at the Eastern side of the Garden of Victoria Memorial.
 2. The statue of Lord Hardinge (Sculpture - John Henry Foley) was on the road between Red Road and Government Place East (Triangular place named "Cocked Hat") from November 1858. In the beginning of 1950 it was removed from that place. Probably it was shifted to Barruckpore Latbagan.
 3. The statue of Lord Canning (Sculpture - John Henry Foley) was in the south-west corner of Raj Bhavan and in front of Akasbani Bhavan from 1870 to 1960. In 1969 the statue was shifted to Baruckpore Latbagan.