You need to download the font in order to see the Hindi version of this website.

Please click on the button below to initiate the process of installation of Hindi font.


Once you click on the download button, a zip file shall be downloaded in your hard disk, but before downloading it will ask you to specify a folder. You can save it in any folder. But do remember the name. You need winzip.exe in your machine.

After downloading is completed-- go to the folder in which you have saved the zip file. Double click on the zip file and you will find a file called -'FontCopy' within the zip file. Double click on the 'FontCopy' icon and off you go. Else you can copy the fonts given (ttf fonts) in the zip file to C:/windows/fonts.

If you still cannot see the Hindi text correctly but can see majority text in Hindi, then in the internet explorer go to menu -- 'view/ecoding/more' then choose 'User Difined' for each page.

Best wishes.

To go to the Home Page of the Hindi Version Click here or select specific page directly from the pulldown list and click on 'GO'.

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