The office of the Victoria Memorial is divided into various departments:

1. E.R.C.R. (Eastern Regional Centre for Restoration)

2. Restoration Unit.

3. Documentation.

4. Photography.

5. Conservation.

6. Library.

7. Security.

8. Administration and Accounts.

1.E.R.C.R. or Eastern Regional Centre for Restoration of Paintings and other objects of art of non-Indian origin has been developed in the Victoria Memorial Hall in 1990 under a scheme of Ministry of Culture, Government of India. This unit offers assistance to various Government/ Semi - Government/ autonomous Institutions in Eastern India to restore their paintings etc. in its Laboratory. The E.R.C.R. also, on request, visits those institutions to advice on their management and conservation needs.

2. Restoration Unit: The Victoria Memorial was the first institution in India to develop an oil- painting restoration unit way back in the 1940s. The unit is equipped with the necessary infrastructure and trained manpower to attend to the Memorial's impressive collection of oil paintings

3. Documentation: This unit manages to maintain records of the location and movement of the Memorial's entire collection of art objects. It has recently introduced computerised cataloguing. This unit also attends to queries from India and abroad on Memorial's collection of art works.

4. Photography: The Memorial has a full-fledged photography unit with the necessary infrastructure for photography, including developing and printing in B&W and in colour. It also has microfilming facilities.

5. Conservation: This unit was developed in the Memorial way back in the sixties, to attend to its conservation requirement of the objects of art on paper including a section of book binding.

6. Library: The Memorial's library has special characteristics with its emphasis on Indo- British History and Arts related to 18th and 19th century.

7. Security: The Security unit consists of 52 personnel. Besides this, Calcutta Police Department also provides additional personnel from time to time as well as on regular basis.

8. Administration and Accounts: The Memorial's administrative chief is the Secretary & Curator-- presently Dr. Jayanta Sengupta., an eminent historian.

And the accounts department is headed by the Accounts officer.